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Gonzaga's Haiden Palmer goes up for shot | Gonzaga v Washington State | 12/29/12Stephanie Golden and Chiney Ogwumike arm for position | Gonzaga v Stanford | 12/2/12Gonzaga's Shaniqua Nilles gives Haiden Palmer a smile at the lineTaelor Karr looks to pass | Gonzaga v San Francisco | 2/16/13Jazmine Redmon handily dribbles by tight defense | Gonzaga v San Francisco | 2/16/13Stephanie Golden battles around defense | Gonzaga v San Francisco | 2/16/13Stephanie Golden enjoying the game | Gonzaga v San Francisco | 2/16/13Taelor Karr collides midair with Zhane Dikes | Gonzaga v San Francisco | 2/16/13Haiden PalmerShelby Cheslek in the paint with Jennifer Hamson | Gonzaga v BYU | 1/17/13Shelby Cheslek and Emily Ben-Jumbo tip off | Gonzaga v LMU | 1/31/13LMU attempting to shoot past Gonzaga's defense | Gonzaga v LMU | 1/31/13Gonzaga's Stephanie Golden entering the gameGonzaga's Danielle WalterJazmine Redmon | Gonzaga v Rutgers | 3/17/12Taelor Karr, Kayla Standish, Haiden Palmer, Kelly Bowen and Katelan Redmon | Gonzaga v Rutgers | 3/17/12Stephanie Golden and Chiney Ogwumike battle for position | Gonzaga v Stanford | 12/2/12Shelby Cheslek on the rebound | Gonzaga v Eastern Oregon | 11/3/12Taelor Karr leads the Gonzaga pack to defeat Eastern Oregon | 11/3/12Haiden Palmer with a fierce and determined eye on the ball | Gonzaga v Wisconsin | 11/16/12