Years ago I turned to photography in search of beauty, hope and evidence of God within images of nature and portraiture. Inspired by others' bravery and brilliance, I began experimenting with my own rinky dink digital point and shoot camera. I took risks and began surprising myself. I joined Flickr and spent a year taking daily self-portraits, which changed everything I thought I knew about myself—for the better. I bought a bigger and better camera. Ever so slowly I began learning how to use it.

In recent years my passion for photography caught fire and burns brighter by the day. Suddenly, people started asking me to take photos of them. They even offered to pay me! Others asked to buy prints of photos I took. So in early 2011, Tumbled Bones Photography was born.

I got the name from a short story by Annie Proulx.

They climbed through the stony landscape, limestone beds eroded by wind into fantastic furniture, stale gnawed breadcrusts, tumbled bones, stacks of dirty folded blankets, bleached crab claws and dog teeth.

When I read the words tumbled bones, it was like being struck by lightning. Time stopped and everything else fell away. I wrote the words down and reserved the domain name, not knowing if or how I'd ever use it. I only knew I'd been given a gift. Poetically I think that’s what we all are: tumbled bones.

To say I'm in love with photography is the huge understated truth. Photography has become my lifeblood and my passion. The process of creating photos awakens and nourishes every part of my being. It makes me love being in this world. It makes me want to stay. Thanks to walking around my life pointing a camera here and there, life has opened—and continues to open—in new, exciting and surprising ways. I'm so grateful to be on this journey!

No matter where I go, I always have a camera with me. Always. I take at least one photo every day no matter where I am or how I feel. This practice centers and engages me both spiritually and creatively. It also teaches me that learning, discipline and perfectionism cannot coexist. One of the wisest pieces of advice I've absorbed is this: When asked how he managed to write a poem every day (including the day he died), the poet William Stafford replied, "I lowered my standards."

You won't see much posing in the photos I take. You won't see any staging or trickery. I like shooting people and animals and places and things in their natural element, being what they are, doing what they do. As a photographer, it's not about me. It's about you. It's about this. This one moment in all its honesty. Discovering and then sharing the overlooked, the hidden and the unseen.

If my name or face seem familiar, I've been kicking around online for a long time. In a past life I worked at the cutting edge of online technology. I'm also the creator, candlemaker and owner of zena moon, some of Oprah's favorite candles.

You can find me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. I welcome new connections!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Carla Blazek